ADULTHOOD (stanza two: the atmosphere)

a terrain of friendly foes,
where glances define your status,
The space of the star,
with the ambition to shine like the moon –
the atmosphere of dreams and wishes

It’s the company of brains:
Until life unveils our defects –
A place of many helps,
which come but with advantages;
Adulthood also speaks truths like childhood,
But, with many a caution

It is a marketplace:
To sell dreams,
As well as fantasies
To get money in buying realities:
The streets where life corrupt men,
To murder their naivety

Adulthood –
Which sends boys on manly errands:
And grooms girls to outlive their mothers:
A congregation of saints;
Where no one transgresses,
Until life exposes them

ADULTHOOD (stanza one: the origin)

the forage for what isn’t lost,
a pact –
to trade peace for toil,
As it is for Adam and Eve,
who equate nakedness to childish life

they assume responsibility,
of befriending the serpent:
bargain their own freedom,
and, sew their own garment,
A robe of adulthood,
A journey of thrills and travails

Adulthood is vigilance:
to get all things at a cost,
to sleep without rest –
It’s the plant we nurture with sweats,
the pride that screams our name
and, the veil that covers our efforts

It promises Adam maturity,
And takes away his naivety:
It’s the cause of all that goes wrong:
It mingles truths with lies –
Yet, adulthood has this one thing:
The reason life calls us – Man

Monday Motivation: WE MOVE!!!

In the course of the #EndSARS protest, Nigerian youths came about with a slogan, “We Move!” Logically, this actually depicts and captures an action to be taken, which yields results eventually. Movement is important to the measurement of man’s success. We either move backward or forward. Movement defeats stagnancy. It entails leaving a particular spot towards progression or retrogression.

However, borrowing from the awakening of the younger generation in this country, there has been realisation that we cannot continue to live in the old ways, and expect new challenges, hence, we move. The movement is very obvious that it is towards advancement to greater heights.

This year collectively has its loads of disappointment, yet I want to let you know that if you’re still breathing, you move. In any situation you find yourself today, tell yourself that you can do better. Charge your spirit that you can move. Move from pessimism to optimism. Evolve from sorrow to joy. Develop from nothingness to wholeness. Advance from the past to future.

It is quite exciting that in every movement, there is a link or bridge. It is a network that appears physically or otherwise, in connecting your old story to new glory. So, take advantage of that step. For instance, learning is the link between illiteracy and education. Then, today is the link between what happened yesterday and what will unfold tomorrow. Look around, and just make sure you are not satisfied with complacency. In any form, be it crawling, walking, running, flying; just make sure you move towards attaining the best for your life.

A Chinese philosopher and writer, Lao Tzu said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” I want to use this moment to assert that, Nigerian youths and every person that believes our lives and society can be better off than what it is now, should not relent. The destination might look impossible to achieve, but we keep moving till we stand aloft to sing the victorious song.