Would life call you too a hero,
Or score your sojourn zero?
How would records rate me,
By what they hear or see?

Life has heroes to remember,
And one of them was Madiba:
His footprints noted with fame,
He was a legend of a name

When the South Africa’s flag flied at half-mast,
And people of Xhosa and Mvezo downcast,
Africa accorded his exit with ovation;
The world honoured him with grand oration

What would the chronicles say,
Of my time: yea or nay?
As Mandela was valiantly strong,
Would you also be a legendary song?

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (1918 – 2013)


Whichever direction you’re looking at, look again, and see if there’s something you need to look again. Looking over and over is actually seeing. Good morning, friends.


A rat swallowed a diamond and the owner of the diamond contracted a man to kill the rat. When the rat hunter arrived to kill the rat, there were more than a thousand rats bunched up, and one sitting by itself away from the pack.

He killed the one sitting by itself and that was the exact one that had swallowed the diamond.

The owner of the diamond was amazed and asked the hunter, “How did you know it was that rat that swallowed my diamond?”

“Very easy,” the hunter smiled. “When idiots get rich they don’t mix with old friends.”


When God blesses you, maintain your normal profile with your ‘poor’ old friends. When your hustle yields results, don’t be proud. Remember, all that you ever have are given to you by God, try not to get Him angry through your arrogance.

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While still at noonday,

When infants have no say;

Our leaked roof:

The evidence of our goof

With hearts rent,

Under the tattered tent

The elders set to merry and feast,

When kids on errand to kill the beast.


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